December Delight: Our Top 7 Picks For 2022!

Jozi is pumping, with loads to see and do - for young and old, families and friends, and a little bit of magic, even if you didn't think you believed in it any more.

The Property Ladder: Why Xennials Should Climb On Now

Property ownership is directly related to personal wealth, so the sooner you take that step the better ultimately for your personal portfolio.

Buying A Home? Don't Make These Critical Mistakes!

It's easy to be either impulsive or overwhelmed when choosing your next property, and land up making these costly - and avoidable - errors.

Signing a Bond? Ask These 3 Questions NOW

Are you signing your life away, or into reality? Make sure you know what you are in for with these three simple questions.

What To Do If Your Home Loan Is Declined

Statistics show that you have a far better chance of obtaining the thumbs up on your home loan application if you go through a bond originator home loan comparison service.

Autumn Property Maintenance - What You Need To Know

WINTER IS COMING but unlike Game of Thrones, we aren't excited for the next episode. Sadly, we must prepare all the same, and that goes for your home too. Protect - and maximise - your investment with our handy guide!

Easter Adventures in Jozi

The action in Joburg certainly never stops and when the work is over, we encourage our resident locals and visitors to stay, play, and enjoy what Joburg has to offer this long weekend!

8 Reasons You Should Get An Agent To Help You BUY

We all know that agents are great for selling houses for many reasons - they advertise, bring many more buyers through and more quickly, negotiate the best price, all saving you a lot of stress - BUT they are a great asset to house buyers too.

10 Reasons Why YOU Should Have Your Property Evaluated

From being single to having kids and ultimately retiring, homeownership is something that changes and evolves in tandem with where you are in life. It is also the cornerstone of wealth, as Suze Orman says, and so it is essential to know the value of that wealth.

FAQs for every homebuyer

There is a lot that goes into buying property and it is important to ask the right questions - get them right, and you’re taking a major step to financial freedom, but get it wrong and it can end up costing you.

The Best Investment on Earth: 6 Property Investment Tips for Begin...

If you are wondering how to maximise your assets, and grow your investments best, welcome to real estate! If you are new to the game, we have some wonderful first-timer property investment tips.

Have a STAYCATION at home this December!

It’s been a pandemic, and we all need a break… right? But as nice as it is to get away from the hustle of everyday life, December is probably not the wisest time to do it! Besides very real health risks for many, we actually LOVE staying in Jozi this time of year, and taking advantage of things we

Beyond Covid: Property Trends 2021

As we plan ahead for a post-pandemic landscape, our homes will become definitive extensions of our lifestyles; here are the property trends to note if you're searching for a new abode, or future-proofing your current home.

Heritage Day in Gauteng - Explore, Experience, Enjoy!

As restrictions lift our gorgeous province has rallied to celebrate Heritage Day on Thursday the only way we know how: completely, and with something for absolutely everyone. These are our tops pics to make the most of this holiday.

Your Complete Guide to Spring Gardening

Landscaping your garden could increase your property value by 77 per cent, according to new research!

Mitigating Moving Madness: A Quick Guide

Moving house is a source of massive angst for clients, but it doesn't have to be. You just need an excellent real estate agency to give you top notch advice!

17 things successful people do over long weekends

Make the most of your long weekend — whether you plan to relax or get active. Suggestions focus on prioritising tasks, setting technology guidelines, and spending time constructively... even if you are actively doing NOTHING!


Joburg’s icy winter begs the question - what is the best way to keep your home warm?

3 Ways To Increase Your Home Value In The First Year

Most homeowners will undergo renovations or projects at some point to secure this investment, but as you make decisions regarding home upgrades it is vital to pay close attention to the market value of your home and the homes around you and your neighbourhood.

Happy Youth Day - From The President's Desk

The children of any nation are its future. Today we honour those that have made sacrifices for us, and we pledge to make these changes for the youth that follow us.

Should You Fix Your Home Loan Rate NOW?

After three rate cuts in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, interest rates are at the lowest point in almost fifty years. So now the debate: should you be fixing the interest rate on your home loan?

5 Ways You Can Benefit From The Interest Rate Drop

The South African Reserve Bank has cut the repo rate again, meaning the prime lending rate will fall to 7.25%. We look at what that means for the average person, and five ways to make it work for you.

5 Ways To Spoil Your Mom At Home This Mother's Day

Lockdown might be putting a spanner in the wheel of the best-laid plans, but can we let you in on a little secret? Mom doesn’t need a fancy brunch or expensive gift to be shown how much you love and appreciate her.

What are the differences between hard and soft lockdowns?

Towards the end of Tuesday's speech, Ramaphosa admitted that a wide range of businesses need to re-open to mitigate economic ramifications, and acknowledged that there would be a “staged exit” from lockdown. This would follow in the footsteps of other countries who are looking to ease emergency regulations, but what are the major differences?

Should I Wear Gloves To The Grocery Store?

I thought I was being careful, until I realised my gloves had touched my trolley and then my purse, my bag, all my children, and... my phone. So how much are gloves REALLY helping us in Covid-19?

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